Holiday Job Search Activities

What does a job seeker do during the holidays?

There are plenty of articles saying how great this time of year is to talk to people at gatherings, around the dinner table, etc.  Sure, do that.

What I find to be most productive is sharpening the saw, tying up loose ends, and preparing for a busy January.

This means I’m scouring LinkedIn and employee lists, doing research on people, and figuring out who I want to talk to and what I want to achieve with them (first conversation, introductions to others, etc.).

It’s quiet time.  It’s time spent on the computer, researching, storing info in JibberJobber.

That’s not what I want to do, really… but it’s necessary to do, and since there aren’t many other things happening, this is the right time to do them.

Happy holidays, even for job seekers!