Breaking: Pluralsight Gives $20M of Value to Job Seekers in 2016!

This was announced last week, but it’s still new enough, and will last long enough, that I consider it breaking news.

The White House has an initiative called TechHire, which is designed “to empower unemployed, job-seeking Americans to get the programming and IT skills they need to begin and sustain well-paying careers in technology.”

I knew that Pluralsight went to the White House in August (see pic below) and has been in talks with the White House and the TechHire initiative… now they are announcing what the $20M is going towards: free accounts, with 50 specific courses, for unemployed in the U.S.  5 of the 50 courses are mine.  Remember, when you watch a Jason Alba course on Pluralsight you can get another one week upgrade on JibberJobber!  (details here)

The great thing about the 50 courses is that they are courses to help someone get up and running as a techie. You don’t need any technical experience, just a desire to learn.

Here’s the press release.

Here’s their blog post (with information about the courses).

Here’s the signup form!

Below is the list of courses… the five highlighted, at the top, are mine (and each qualify for another week of premium JibberJobber). What I love about this list, as well as the rest of the Pluralsight library, is that I can say that these courses are taught be some amazing, talented people!

Job Search and Career Management Courses

  • Designing a Killer Job Search Strategy
  • LinkedIn Strategy: Optimize Your Profile
  • Effective Phone Skills
  • Effective Email Communication
  • Leadership: Getting Started
  • Careers in IT: How to Get Your First Job
  • Resumes, Research and Writing on the Job Hunt
  • Build Your Career with Michael Lopp
  • The Art of Public Speaking and Effective Presentations
  • Career and Survival Strategies for Software Developers

General Technology and the Technology Industry Courses

  • Learning Technology in the Information Age
  • The Future of Technology Careers
  • Introduction to Business Information Technology
  • DevOps: The Big Picture
  • Big Data: The Big Picture
  • Introduction to Virtualization
  • Web vs Apps: The Big Picture
  • Cloud Computing: The Big Picture
  • Web Security and the OWASP Top 10: The Big Picture
  • Software Engineering Essentials

Front End Web Development Courses

  • Front End Web Development Career Kickstart
  • Your First Day With HTML
  • Your First Day With CSS
  • Front-End Web Development Quick Start with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Play by Play: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with Lea Verou
  • JavaScript QuickStart Vol 1
  • JavaScript QuickStart Vol 2
  • JavaScript QuickStart Vol 3
  • Learning To Program – Part 1: Getting Started
  • JavaScript Fundamentals for ES6

Technical Support Courses

  • CompTIA A+ Part 1: Computer Hardware
  • CompTIA A+ Part 2: Networking
  • CompTIA A+ Part 3: Peripherals and Best Practices
  • CompTIA A+ Part 4: Operating Systems
  • CompTIA A+ Part 5: Mobile Devices and Troubleshooting
  • CompTIA A+ Part 6: How to Build a Computer
  • Technology Troubleshooting Essentials
  • Practical Networking
  • Windows Client Administration Fundamentals
  • Linux System Administration Fundamentals

Data Professional Courses

  • Excel 2013 Fundamentals
  • Excel: An Analytics Superhub
  • Data Analytics: Hands On
  • Data Analysis Fundamentals with Tableau
  • Data Visualizations using Tableau Public
  • Business Dashboard Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
  • Cloud Business Intelligence: The Big Picture
  • Introduction to SQL
  • NoSQL: The Big Picture

Are you ready for a career in technology?  From programming to databases, from understanding the big picture of technology to the big picture of data and underestimated tools like Excel, Pluralsight has stepped up to the plate to help YOU get started, and explore the opportunities, and get the training you need to be qualified!

If you want access to all of the other 4,500 courses in the Pluralsight library, the upgrade is only $30/month.