When The Layoff Is Not A Curse

When people tell me or my wife they got laid off we usually congratulate them.

Getting laid off was the push we needed to move on.  We were stuck, and it was unhealthy both physically and mentally.  I wanted to make a change but I was trapped into a steady salary, health insurance, vacation time, etc.  I still had a vision of where the company would go, even though the management and board was hard to work with and didn’t support our efforts.

I got laid off.  And I’ve been able to thrive outside of that job.

Here’s a story that you should read, ponder and discuss: Lay-off a dream come true. (just go through the simple one question online survey and you can read the whole thing)

This is the story about John Bruch. I love how he laughed uncontrollably when he got laid off.  I also love how he totally landed on his feet.

Read the story. Could you make lemonade out of lemons, like John did? It helped that he had the tools (and knowledge) and the recipe for creating income.  I bet you can do something similar.

1 thought on “When The Layoff Is Not A Curse”

  1. My husband hasn’t had work most of the year. We were also hit by the #valleyfire. We lost animals (horse, corgi, chickens), an old jeep, toyota tacoma, travel trailer, horse trailer, equipment trailer, car trailer, two tractors, horse barn, tractor barn, tool shed, chicken coop, and a three car garage. We are lucky enough to still have our home. 2015 is definitely not our year!

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