Lisa Rangel’s Rant: 5 Signs You Might Be A Delusional Executive Job Seeker

lisa_rangel_headshot3This is a great post on LinkedIn from Lisa Rangel: 5 Signs You Might Be A Delusional Executive Job SeekerTake a few minutes and check it out. Here are just some of my favorite quotes:

I’m annoyed at the delusional expectations of some executive job seekers…

[I’m annoyed at] the infectious negativity they spread by not accepting job-seeking life for what it is.

The executive job search is a sales process. It’s not an entitlement program.

You are enraged when you think hiring managers are wrongly using age as a factor in not hiring you, yet, you begin your resume and LinkedIn profile with “Over 30 years of experience…”

The job search is not an entitlement program where you are entitled to a response, feedback, above-market offer and a cushy job each and every time you want it and just because you put 20+ years in…

The whole post is really quite good… some people need to print it and read it with a highlighter.  I love how she contrasts the job search from an entitlement program to instead a survival of the fittest.