When the Biggest Mistake Is Okay (Jia Jiang)

Jia Jiang has a fun and kind of funny story about his mistake that supposedly cost him millions of dollars.

But, it is okay. It wasn’t the end of the world. He recovered. Read his cool story here: Embarrassing myself in front of LinkedIn’s CEO cost me millions of dollars, but it was the best mistake I ever made

You might feel like you have made some pretty big mistakes, too. And, it’s okay. You can recover.

Last year I was camping with some friends, one of which is a specialty pharmacist. His specialty is working with emergency room and NICU doctors. Talk about high-stress, fast-paced!  I asked him what he has seen in his job that has amazed him the most about medicine, or the human body.  After a minute to reflect, he replied:

“I’m amazed at the body’s ability to heal itself.”

This, coming from someone who has seen people coming back from near-death trauma.

Our careers can actually heal, too. As a job seeker we feel like we are getting a black eye, or have introduced something that is irreparably harmful. It will forever impact our brand, reputation, or marketability. In reality, though, our careers can heal.  We can heal.

Just stick with it, continue to do good things, and this will pass like water under a bridge.  I know it might not feel like that now, but it can later.