Managing Your Finances

Lately I’ve been on a bit of a Dave Ramsey kick.  I’ll pick up my kids from play practice (they are doing Peter Pan) around the same time Dave’s radio show comes on. Because of my own experience as a speaker, author, etc. I listen to him from two angles: First, as a business person, in awe of how he runs his business and interacts with his guests who call in.  Second, for questions he gets, and the financial advice he dishes out.

I had heard about him for years… but only recently have I started to get into his material. As I think about what he talks about, I think about YOU…

I realize that most of us are on JibberJobber to make money, or make more money.

What if we had a better handle on how we spend money?  Is how we spend money any less important than how we make money?

I’m reminded of a guy I had lunch with after a speaking engagement… he was in a nice house, had a very nice car… and was in transition.  He made the comment that most people in the job club I spoke to had not managed their finances (living paycheck-to-paycheck), and their level of stress was off the charts.  He, however, had managed his very carefully, and he wasn’t stressed at all.

Imagine this scenario: you lose your job, but you are not weeks or months away from being completely broke!

What a cool concept.

This would happen if we kept our expenses in check, and had the right savings.  These are elements of Dave Ramsey’s teachings.

What are YOU doing to manage your finances?  What financial advice do/would you give to others?