Can You Help? Feedback on 30 Days to up and Running JibberJobber Guide

We have been working on a new feature in JibberJobber to help YOU feel more confident about JibberJobber, and use the right features to help you accomplish your goals.


Because too many people login to JibberJobber with a hope that we can help them, but they get to the front page and think “uh-oh… I don’t know were to start! This looks too complicated?”

And then they go back to their 1900’s solution of a very ineffective spreadsheet, thinking that the sophistication of JibberJobber is reserved for people who are smarter than they are.

Over the years we’ve been introducing various things to help you get up running on JibberJobber, and feel like this is YOUR system, and it WILL work for you.  The latest thing we’re rolling out is a 30 day email series to help YOU.

The technology is in place.  The emails have been written.  We’ve tested it internally and are ready to have you give us your feedback.

Whether you have logged in 3,000 times, or you haven’t ever signed up on JibberJobber, would you please sign up on this email series, and then let us know how it goes?

We want any and all feedback, including:

The Technical

  • Are you getting the emails in your inbox (or, are they going to your spam folder?)
  • Does the formatting in the email look okay, or does it look messed up? (in other words, is it clean?)
  • Do you feel you are getting the emails are weird times of the day?

The Human

  • Are the messages too short? (our goal is to have SHORT messages that you can act on each day, and not feel like it’s too much to (a) read or (b) do)
  • Are the messages written well? Are there any typos, grammar issues, etc.?
  • Do the daily tasks seem like they are too much?  Or too little?
  • Do you think this would help someone who is trying to make heads or tails of getting started and getting value out of JibberJobber?

Anything else?

We hope to roll this out to the masses soon, but I would love to get some candid feedback from you before we do… Please send any feedback to me ( or through the Contact Us system.

Here’s how you do it (this will be more automated, and less hidden, once we are ready to roll it out to everyone):

  1. Login to JibberJobber
  2. Click on Account from the main menu
  3. Click on the tab “Mailing Lists”
  4. Click on the only one on that page: New User: First 30 Days Jumpstart
  5. Click the blue Save button.

You should get the first email the day you sign up, and then each morning for the next 29 days you should get the next one in the series.

Thank you!