How To: Allow Your Coach to See Your JibberJobber Data

Be default, your JibberJobber data is private.  No one can see it except you. This is not a social network… this is a private tracking and organizational tool.

However, it might make sense that someone else sees (and interacts) with your data.  For example:

  • You have a coach who wants to see what you are doing, so they can help you better.  Allowing a coach insight into your database could enhance your relationship with them, and their effectiveness to you.  Click here to see the list of JibberJobber Certified Career Professionals (these are people who have gone through our certification program, which means they understand JibberJobber pretty good!).
  • You have a parent or spouse or brother or neighbor or BFF who you allow access to because they are your accountability partner.
  • You really, really, really trust someone else to see all of your stuff, and even have access to add to your account (like, add a Log Entry).

I strongly encourage you to only do what I’ll show you below with people that you know and trust to the highest degree.  Furthermore, if you grant a coach or accountability partner access to your account now, when your formal relationship concludes, I encourage you to remove this coaching relationship, so they don’t have access to your private relationship management tool forever.  It goes without saying, if you grant someone access, you should probably be careful what you write about them if you have a contact record for them… 🙂

First, mouse over tools and click on My Coaches:


Next, click Add a Coach (which will open up #2, the boxes):


Next, invite the person to be your coach in JibberJobber:

You can do this by adding their username, if they know it, or their email address (which is associated with their account).  Either way, ask them what their JibberJobber username is, or what email to put in.

They will get an email from JibberJobber saying you have requested the relationship, and they have to click a button to agree to this request.  Once they click this button, assume they have access to all of your data.  BE CAREFUL!

Finally, you might consider following up with the person who you invited… 

Just to be sure they got the message, and acted on it.

There is an alternative to this process… your coach can go into their Coach Dashboard and reverse this process, which sends YOU a message asking for permission to be their coach (and access your data).

As long as you totally trust the other person with your data, you should be good to go. Note that this was originally designed (9 years ago) for recruiters, but I got feedback from recruiters that they should not have that level of access to my job search, because they could do bad (unethical) stuff with it (that would not benefit the job seeker).