Video Learning Path from Pluralsight for New Hires

Check out the New Hire learning path that Pluralsight recently published. Three of the seven are my courses, only because I started doing “soft skills” or professional development courses early on, when almost everyone else was doing technical courses.

Oh wait, you don’t have a subscription to Pluralsight?  Well, check the video at the bottom of this post and I’ll show you how you can get (a) thirty days of unlimited access to Pluralsight, which means you can watch this entire learning path (and gobs of other videos) at no cost, and (b) seven day upgrades every time you watch a Jason Alba course.  Note that the month-to-month cost for a Pluralsight subscription is only $29/month, which gives you unlimited access.  Pretty awesome.

Here’s the learning path (I’ll recommend some updates to this soon):



Here’s the video to show you how to get free access to 30 days of Pluralsight, through JibberJobber: