What Is JibberJobber? Simplified Version…

Welcome to theMuse.com readers who signed up this week.  theMuse is one of the best places for job search and career advice… and we’re honored to get recommended again.

If you are wondering what JibberJobber is, take a few minutes and watch this video.  I found this video really helpful because people tend to see our menus and get overwhelmed by all of the options… but really, you just need to use the core features, and you can put the rest off until you really want or need them.  This video explains it all:


Also, you might be wondering what you get for free, and what you could pay for.  Let me explain.  For FREE, you get:

  • A personal CRM (that is, your relationship manager, or a “career relationship manager”) for life.
  • Almost every single feature that we’ve built into the system.
  • A private database of your contacts, prospects, target companies, and a record of your interactions with them.
  • Up to 500 Contact and 500 Company records, and unlimited Log Entries and Action Items (Note: there is a loophole where you can have unlimited Contacts and Companies as a free user).

You get all of that forever.  We won’t delete your data if you are “inactive.”  We don’t ever trim, delete, or touch your stuff.  This is your own personal database for the rest of your career/life.

If you upgrade, which is $9.95 a month, or $60 a year (which is $5/month!), OR FREE, if you watch my Pluralsight courses (learn how to get the JibberJobber upgrade free, here), OR FREE (for a year) if you are a veteran (learn more here), you get the four things on this page, which are:

  • Email2Log: This is the “killer app” in JibberJobber.  Want to send an email to someone and have that create Contacts, Companies, Jobs and create a Log Entry out of your email conversation, and even create a follow-up Action Item?  This premium feature allows you to do it… it is killer cool, and the #1 reason people upgrade.
  • Unlimited Contacts and Companies: People like to “quick start” by importing their LinkedIn or Outlook contacts into JibberJobber.  I’m not convinced most of those contacts are relevant, but heck, it’s a good place to start… oh by the way, you get 14 days of Premium when you first login, which means you can do these imports in the first 2 weeks, and have way more than 500 Contacts in your system (that’s the loophole).
  • Importing: This is a premium feature, where we allow you to import a csv file (most systems export Contacts to a csv file, which opens in Excel), a vcard (super useful for mac users), or other file formats.
  • Action Item reminders pushed to your email or SMS (where available): Want JibberJobber to send you a message when you need to follow-up with someone?  That’s what this feature is.  It’s super useful, and one of the main reasons we created JibberJobber (because our spreadsheet wouldn’t email us!).

Want these cool features?  Want hundreds of dollars of my video courses for free, including how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, how to have a proactive LinkedIn strategy, how to do Informational Interviews, and more?  Check out this video:

Finally, if you want some quick-start videos, check out this page: Getting Started Videos

So there you go, everything you need to know about JibberJobber to get started…