Free JibberJobber for Veterans (and active duty)

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For over nine years I’ve been giving one year upgrades to military veterans and active duty members.  One of the branches (Air Force or Army, I think) has a link to JibberJobber on their TAP website (if you are military, you know what TAP is :p).  Otherwise, it’s mostly been through word of mouth, letting people know about the one year upgrade.

When I was on my big 2015 speaking tour, I forgot to mention this in 12 of my 13 presentations.  I regret that (I always tweak my presentations up to the last minute, and simply forgot to make this a big deal). Sorry about that… but here I am to tell you, and everyone else, that veterans can simply ask for a one year upgrade, and we’ll give it to them.

It’s that simple.

The best thing to do is to mail Liz your DD-214, or email us from a military email address.

Please share this with as many active duty, veterans, and military families as you can.  I wish the military would more proactively share this, but I have had a very hard time getting it in front of anyone who is willing to share it.

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