CRM, SMB and Your Career

I saw this article on that grabbed my attention: CRM Enters the SMB Mainstream.  The subtitle says “even the smallest companies can afford today’s easy-to-use solution. In fact, they can’t afford not to.”

Of course, my brain took the idea straight to the job search world, and my translation became: “Even the smallest job seeker (whatever that means) can afford today’s easy-touse solution (JibberJobber). In fact, you can’t afford not to!”

CRM means “customer relationship management,” which refers to the software that salespeople use to keep track of their prospects and customers.

The concept of CRM became the foundation for JibberJobber.  But instead of designing a system for salespeople, we designed a system for job seekers.  For professionals who are in transition.  For people who don’t want to have a long job search. For people who find that a spreadsheet is a below-average tool to organize and manage a job search.

In my 2015 cross-country trip, I talked to hundreds of people who were fed up with their spreadsheet as a job search tool.  JibberJobber is the answer, just like CRM is for SMB (small/medium businesses).  JibberJobber helps you organize and track.  JibberJobber helps you feel organized, allowing you to spend more time talking to people who can help you in your job search.

JibberJobber is a long-term career management tool.  It’s not just for today’s job search… it’s for in-between job searches, when you are still networking. Job coaches talk until they are blue in the face, pleading with their job seekers to “network after you land a job.”  JibberJobber makes networking easier, whether you are in transition or happily employed.

JibberJobber is also very affordable.  The free version is super powerful.  The premium version, which is only $5 a month (or, 9.95 a month, depending on how you buy it), adds some awesome convenience tools. You can get free access to the premium level by simply watching the Jason Alba courses on Pluralsight for free (those are courses I normally sell for $50 each… you watch them for free and you get a JibberJobber upgrade?  Awesome!). Watch the video at the bottom of this post to see how to get Premium for free.

Check is this short video to see what JibberJobber helps you with: