Gen Y Sounds Like a Bunch of Entitled Whiners (well, not so much anymore)

Back in 2008 there was a lot of talk about how powerful and amazing Gen Y (aka, millennials) are.  The topic dominated HR and recruiter conference agendas. How do you find, attract and retain this moving force?  Especially as the ancient Baby Boomers were leaving the market?

I called phooey on the whole thing with this blog post: Gen Y Sounds Like A Bunch Of Entitled Whiners

Without belaboring that whole point, remember that I am not a fan of discrimination.  I recently wrote Fighting Stereotypes in the Job Search, which is a post I think Millennials should read, unless they want the brand of millennials to be louder than the individual’s personal brand.

Seems like the talk about how much Millennials are going to change the workforce, including doing away with archaic email and only communicating through text, is shifting. The recession didn’t help.  Not getting jobs didn’t help.  Apparently they aren’t even as entrepreneurial as everyone said (Fast Company article: MILLENNIALS SHOCKED TO LEARN THEIR GENERATION ISN’T AS ENTREPRENEURIAL AS THEY THOUGHT, even though this Forbes article says they are the “true entrepreneur generation“).

Unfortunately, too many millennials are still stuck with the haughty reputation.  Creating their own brand (aka, reputation) is important, as they find the job market to be a lot harder than they thought it would be.  Which puts them in the same boat as every other generation that is stereotyped.  What to do from here?  Read this fighting stereotypes post. And get to work.  You can see my Developing a Killer Personal Brand course on Pluralsight… just watch this short video to see how to access it (and get free upgrades on JibberJobber):

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