Using LinkedIn “Wrong?” Ahem…

This month there is an article titled You’re Probably Using LinkedIn Wrong — And That Could Cost You Your Next Job.

I think that it’s a good idea to be active on LinkedIn, although I don’t agree with what the article says. In my experience, the main thing you should do is improve your LinkedIn Profile.  I have never seen a Profile that is awesome (or, that couldn’t use some help).  If I were to grade Profiles, most of them would get a C-.  IMO it’s more important to fix your Profile than put up weekly status updates.  You can get access to my LinkedIn Profile course (titled LinkedIn Strategy: Optimize Your Profile) for free on Pluralsight, just login through JibberJobber, and watch the video below to see how to access it (and get free JibberJobber upgrades).

I am writing this post because I don’t want you to think that if you are not putting in status updates, you’re using LinkedIn wrong.  Trust me, recruiters are smart enough to figure out your skills and competencies, even if you aren’t posting an update weekly.

If you want to know what to do on LinkedIn, check out my other course (for free on Pluralsight): LinkedIn: Proactive Strategies.

If you think I’m off my rocker, read the comments on the post.