Saving a Closed Job in JibberJobber (instead of deleting)

Last week two people asked how to save a Job that is “closed,” instead of just deleting it.  This is actually pretty important… sometimes a closed Job has a job description you don’t want to lose, or you don’t want to lose the Log Entries (aka, history) and communications you had as you worked on that Job.  BUT, you also don’t want to see it on the Jobs List Panel.

First, you can change the STATUS of a Job from the Detail Page or the List Panel.  Below is a picture of doing it from the List Panel (mouse over the cell, and when it turns gray, double click on it to edit the value).  Notice that you can change it from Open to Closed, Cancelled, or Held.  Use the icon at #1 if you don’t see the Status field… you’ll be able to show that field on your List Panel.



You can easily filter which jobs show up on the List Panel, by Status, by changing the drop-down on the left side of the screen:


One thing you don’t want to do is work really hard, collect great information (aka intelligence), and then lose because, for example, a Job was closed.  You don’t have to – keep it all for future reference!