New Updates/Release in JibberJobber

Monday night we released some of the projects our team has been working on.  They barely took a breath to release it while continuing on some other things… here are some of the things we pushed out on Monday night:

1. We continue to tweak the interface for Pluralsight videos… We put a help icon in the white box right under the menu, and if you turned that off, you can still get to Pluralsight stuff by mousing over Tools, and then find Pluralsight Videos.  This takes you to all of the pages you would want to see (list of videos, your private code, the Tracker, etc.).  The whole idea is to make this easier for you to get access to the videos, and report what you have watched so you get an additional week of JibberJobber per course watched.

2. We cleaned up the Tree View… including:

  1. We cleaned up this line… took out 1/2 of the words.
  2. We cleaned up this line… took out about 1/2 of the words.
  3. We changed the icon from a paper looking thing that was hard to see/read to this easy-to-read circle.
  4. We highlight the name of the person that you clicked on the tree from, so it’s easy to see where that person falls.
  5. We moved some of the links to the far right, so it cleans up the left side of the screen.

See a theme?  CLEANER 🙂


3. Along those lines, we cleaned up the Interview Prep main page, which was just too busy.  Not going to highlight every change, but each arrow represents where we cleaned up (I even forgot an arrow right under the title)… the idea is to reduce clutter and not make you feel like you have too read a bunch of stuff before you do something in JibberJobber!


4. We made the page numbers on the bottom of the general search cleaner, and easier to read.  Basically all of the numbers are bigger, and the page you are on is much bigger (and not a link).  This will make navigating through the search results easier.  CLEANER!


5. We updated the About Us page so people wouldn’t hate so much.  Really, someone emailed a while back angry that the About Us page was written wrong.  Angry.  Seriously.  Well, of course, it’s not a bad idea to make changes… and so I finally spent some time rewriting the page…. you can now see information about JibberJobber, and a bit of our history.  And this rewrite cleans up some of the cobwebs that frankly needed to be removed from that page.  CLEAN-UP 🙂


We also did some new admin, behind-the scenes stuff that you won’t see or notice, but that will have an impact on how we work… so yeah!  We are deep into two big projects right now, but will continue to try and clean JibberJobber to make your experience more delightful and intuitive.