Is Technology Hindering Your Job Search and Networking?

There was an interesting article in the news last month titled: Technology inhibits millennial job performance, according to managers

I don’t think this is just a millennial thing…. people texting someone while you are talking to them, or spending too much time on Facebook while neglecting family and friends… this is our new normal.  The disrespect we have for others because we got beeped or buzzed, and heaven forbid we ignore a call or text or facebook message or whatever… even while we blatantly ignore the person we are spending time with, is unfortunate.

It goes further than disregard for others.  In the article they talk about how we’ve become bad at inter-personal relationships because we spend so much time on technology that we aren’t skilled at interacting with real people, face-to-face.

So, I’ll let you read the article if you really want to get into that, and I have an invitation for you.  It is not to go on a media fast, or a social media fast, or to turn your phone off at a certain time, or stop checking emails after hours, or any of those things. Instead of those things that you already know to do, and expect someone like me to challenge you to do, here’s my invitation:

Go to an in-person networking meeting once a week this year.

It could be the same group of people, or it could be different meetings… but each week dress up, get out of the house, leave your phone in your pocket, and MEET and TALK WITH other people!  Look in their eyes!  Shake hands, laugh, and have real conversations!

Magic can happen when you get away from your technology… I challenge you to do this.  Imagine how much better you’ll be at in-person interviews if you haven’t spent the last 500 hours behind technology, barely LOL-ing in real life, with other people!

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  1. This is so sad but true. Mobile devices are taking over our lives. I noticed on many occasions where everyone in the family were using their mobile devices while having a family meal. I made a rule that we do not use any mobile devices during family meals, not even TV.

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