Jason Alba Job Search Videos… for free? YEP!

pluralsight_transparentI’ve been working on this for months and I’m so excited to finally be able to shed light on what I’ve been doing, and what you can now get, at no cost.

Last night we made some important changes to JibberJobber, including a new calendar (which is way faster)…. I’ll blog about those things in another post.  In this post I want to introduce two of my worlds, JibberJobber and Pluralsight, and how they have finally come together.

One takeaway is that you can now access all of my videos for free.  You can still buy them for $50 from JibberJobber, and for some of you, that will make sense.  But if you don’t want to spend any money, you don’t have to.  When you do the steps below, you will have complete access to my courses, and all courses, on Pluralsight, for 30 days.  So start today, and watch as many videos as you can in the next 30 days!

Update: Here’s a video showing how to access Pluralsight for 30 days, and get additional JibberJobber upgrades:

And a bonus: For every course you watch on Pluralsight, that is mine, you get an additional seven days of premium.  I have 15 courses on Pluralsight (one needs to be retired, so really 14 current ones).  If you watch each course, you will get 14 weeks of premium upgrade on JibberJobber.  If you watch them again you get another 14 weeks.  For every course you watch, every time you watch it, you get an additional seven days of Premium added to your JibberJobber account.  Note: you can watch courses in 1.5 speed (so, faster than normal), but I only suggest you do that if you taking notes…  There’s a lot to take in from my courses!

It is super easy to to get started:

First: Login to JibberJobber and click the link in the off-white box, right under the menu.


Then: Now you are on the Free Job Search Videos instructions and information page. On the right of that page you’ll see a blue box that says “get your code…”  Click that link to get your personalized code. 


Next: Copy the code and click Proceed. Or, just click the proceed button, which should automatically copy the code. 


Then: After you click the Proceed button you’ll be on Pluralsight’s page, where you can fill out a small form (paste the code into the first box) and get immediate access to the entire Pluralsight library for 30 days.  AWESOME: you won’t have to give a credit card number.  


Next: In the search box, search for Jason Alba.  Every course you watch, in full, of mine, you can get an additional seven days of premium added to your JibberJobber account.


Finally, start watching courses. You can watch anything in the library as many times as you want, during the 30 days!  You get 7 days premium on JibberJobber for every Jason Alba course you watch.

This is a super generous offer from Pluralsight (thank you Pluralsight!).  I should mention a few things.  Pluralsight offers access to their entire library (over 4,000 courses?) for only $29/month.  That is an awesome price, considering some other sites charge more than that for just one course.  Also, for those of you who are unemployed, when you land, go to your boss and ask them to subscribe to Pluralsight.  There are awesome corporate discounts for companies who buy this training for their employees. Historically, Pluralsight has created videos just for programmers, but with acquisitions of other companies, and adding non-programmer content creators, the library is becoming more appropriate for non-IT people.

To redeem your 7 days premium, simply use the Contact Us form and let us know which course(s) you watched, in full.  Again, watching in 1.5 speed is just fine… we are working on a smarter way to report what you have watched, and get your your 7 days upgrade, but for now just use the Contact Us form.

Do you have any questions?  Let us know in the comments, or email me, or use the Contact form. When you click the link in the off-white box in JibberJobber, to get started, you’ll see a page with a lot more information about this offer.

Ready to get started?  Ready to consume learning over the next 30 days?  Get started now by logging into JibberJobber and clicking the link in the off-white Pluralsight box!

4 thoughts on “Jason Alba Job Search Videos… for free? YEP!”

  1. Jason-
    If I am already on Pluralsight, how do I get to your videos? Will I get credit for the courses just like new Pluralsight members?

  2. Hi Howie, thanks for asking. The answer is yes, this is an offer to everyone with a Pluralsight account, whether you are on the 30 day trial, or you are a paying member, or your company has bought an account for you.

    You can easily find my courses by searching “Jason Alba” on Pluralsight 🙂

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