What is UNsocial Networking

Have you noticed one of the categories of this blog (to the left) is “UNsocial Networking?”  It’s towards the bottom of the list of categories.  But what in the world does that mean?

I created that tag with a chuckle…. after all how, how can you be unsocial and network at the same time?

Indeed, I’m not suggesting that you should be unsocial.  I wanted to make a distinction between old-fashioned, non-technology-based networking, and “social networking.”

While computer-based social networking is not going away, I think that we’ve gotten away from basic principles of relationships, hiding behind screens and canned messages and false relationships.  Sure, a lot of good does and can happen online… I’m even an advocate of using any tools at our disposal to accomplish what we need to (see my post on Career Management from yesterday).

I did, however, single out UNsocial networking because I want to focus on those principle-based strategies and tactics.  Let’s really focus on relationships, nurturing relationships, helping others, etc.  Pick up some old books, whether it is How to Win Friends and Influence People or any of Harvey Mackay’s networking books.  Learn about relationships beyond being Friends on Facebook or Connections on LinkedIn.  Don’t let those become the goal… lest you find your network is nothing but a house of cards.

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1 thought on “What is UNsocial Networking”

  1. Jason,

    You use the term relationship management at lot. I would suggest you try the category – relationship building, rather than UNsocial networking.

    It appears that there are no existing categories that begin with relationship, and isn’t that what you really mean?

    This is a good time for a post on building relationships. After all, that is what many , if not most, people do at this time of year, regardless of job status.

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