Getting Started on JibberJobber

A common question I’ll hear is “I’m on JibberJobber, Now What???”

Okay, not in those exact words… but one day there might be a book with that very title! (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out my first book title: I’m on LinkedIn – Now What???)

Anyway, we’ve put together various resources on how to get up and running with JibberJobber.  There is a getting started guide on Slideshare here.  Because I continue to hear the question, though, I’ve decided to use the Focus Fridays as an opportunity to record video of how to get started… you can see the series here, or see individual videos at the links below (this will be outdated as early as this Friday, so to see the most current videos, click here):

Navigating the Home Page

Setting up and using Tags

Email2Log introduction and setup

Email2Log advanced features

Log Entries and Action Items

We’ll continue this getting started series… come check it out if you are looking for help on “getting started.”