Five Browser Tips To Make JibberJobber (and everthing) Better

Did you know you can now see recordings of our Focus Friday recordings?  One of my favorites was kind-of-but-not-really JibberJobber-related, where I share five browser tips.  You can see this one here.  You can see all Focus Friday’s I’ve been recording here.

And, since I hate to watch a video that I could just see a summary list for, here are the five things I show in the video (times are estimates):

  1. How to use your URL bar as a search bar… this is really cool and I use this all the time. (00:00 –> 2:17)
  2. Control-F to search on a page (2:18 –> 5:12)
  3. copying tables to Excel (5:12 –> 8:09)
  4. change font size to make things easier to read (8:10 — 12:15)
  5. search for How To in JibberJobber (12:25 –>13:49 )
  6. site search on search engine (13:50 –> end)

If you don’t know how to do any of those, watch the video 🙂