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Here’s what I just sent to my LinkedIn Group:

If your coach does not use JibberJobber, what CRM are they using? You should be using JibberJobber, and your coach should know the basics of relationship management software (that is, JibberJobber). Huge bonus if they actually use it for their own stuff, whether personal relationships, prospects, current and past clients, etc.If you are looking for a coach or service provider who uses JibberJobber, or has been to our trainings enough times to “get it,” let me know. I’ll put you in touch with coaches and resume writers and outplacement firms who “get it.”If you are a career professional, and are interested in becoming a Certified JibberJobber Coach, email me: Classes will start in January.

Jason Alba

I’ve been thinking about doing a certification like this for many years. It’s time to finally buckle down and put it together.

I’ll start the first course the week of January 12th. It will be four to eight weeks long, depending on the curriculum that I put together.  While I don’t have that ironed out, if you’ve been on my webinars, you know I fret about over-delivering, and this is no exception.

Every career professional knows the world doesn’t need another certification to take (or pay for), but no one is doing a certification on JibberJobber, or on using this type of technology to organize and track and manage a job search. I used to do the LinkedIn Certification for The Academies… why not do a JibberJobber certification?

The list price of $397 is discounted to $97 for students of the first group of students.  You can pay here. This will include the live and recorded video courses and the assessments (to test your proficiency of material covered). It will include a verification process so that job seekers can verify that you are really, truly certified by JibberJobber. The class will be live webinar with recordings, so if you can’t make the webinar, listen to the recordings at your own pace.

Fun factoid: certified, defined, is:

“Officially recognize someone as possessing certain qualifications or meeting certain standards.

On the same page, it is also defined as:

“Officially declare insane.”

The purpose of this certification is to bring career professionals up to speed on the processes and systems of organizing and tracking a job search. We will recognize those who go through the course successfully as professionals who “possess certain qualifications,” and who “meet certain standards.”  We will not officially declare anyone insane… 🙂

Questions? Suggestions? Let me know.

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  1. Hey Jason,

    I’m going to have my employee, Mary Kay Longo and/or myself sign up for this. Sorry for the delay in business correspondence with you over last few years but we’re finally focused on a biz model that we like – so ready to get things rolling.

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