Example of an ATS (Applicant Tracking System): ApplicantPro (and how to beat them)

Let’s go a bit deeper on the Applicant Tracking System conversation that we started with Louise Kursmark’s comments.

When I see stuff like this it reminds me of when I first learned about it, when I was a job seeker, thinking how unfair it was that I had my stupid Excel spreadsheet to track my job search, and the people I was sending my resume to and interviewing with had sophisticated software.  No more!  Now the playing field is leveled, since you can use JibberJobber…. !

Want to see what an ATS is/does/looks like?  I found this company while poking around the internet and started digging around. I went to the Tour link and saw this 1:30 video.  If you are wondering what HR and recruiters might be using to figure out if you are worthy of an interview.  Here’s the video:


Sound interesting?  Here’s a 14 minute video from Gillian Kelly, a career pro and outplacement provider in Australia, talking about beating the ATS:

Remember, this does not apply to every company you apply to. Some will use an ATS, some will not (even if they have it).  My recommendation is still to network into the company before you play the “resume black hole” game.  That’s not a fun game.

1 thought on “Example of an ATS (Applicant Tracking System): ApplicantPro (and how to beat them)”

  1. Hi there! Nice to see our video posted here on your site. You have hit the nail square on the head. The job market these days is hyper competitive and HR needs a hand to make the best choice in talent.

    We love our job seekers though!!!! Our system was designed to make it simple to apply (including an “Apply with LinkedIn” feature). We also encourage our client HR departments to stop wasting job seeker’s time by using a shortened two step application. We also give you a way to get job alerts for future employment opportunities at this or other companies.

    So, although the title of this article implies that you need to beat us, really you need to join us. Reality is HR departments are using applicant tracking software like ApplicantPro. Optimize your resume with keywords that HR departments are looking for and your skills will rise to the top. We would love to continue this conversation!

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