JibberJobber was unavailable for a few hours yesterday and we are sorry :(

Yesterday I rolled into the office and pulled up my normal sites – JibberJobber, JasonAlba.com, etc.  None of them were coming up.

Oh crud… 🙁

I could tell you what happened, technically, but it really doesn’t matter.  I could tell you about the meeting I had with my server admin yesterday in the evening, after the dust had settled, but that doesn’t matter (and it would be a bad idea to publish how what we are doing with our server).

The bottom line is that we were down for a few hours, and it was unscheduled.  And we are sorry 🙁

We work hard to make JibberJobber better, faster, secure, and more valuable to you.  None of us like down-time.  We scramble to figure out what is wrong, and get the site back up before anyone notices.  Yesterday we scrambled, but it took longer than it should have to get the site up.

We are putting a plan together to help with the “next time” this might happen.  We already have various things in place, such as nightly backups and off-site backups… and a few other things.  Now we are going to the next level.

The preliminary plans for that next level includes some new components that could also increase the speed of JibberJobber, so I’m pretty excited about that… but that’s down the road.

For now, just a simple “we’re sorry.” We’re aware, and we’re working on doing better (even though it’s not uncommon for a website to go down or have issues, we recognize that the service we provide is a service that needs to stay up!).


3 thoughts on “JibberJobber was unavailable for a few hours yesterday and we are sorry :(”

  1. Tech issues happen. You all do such a great job of keeping this site up 99 % of the time.

    Your creation helps me and others manage our key relationships.

    I did miss the service – so now I appreciate the value even more.

    Thanks to you and your team for working through this quickly.

  2. David and Denny, you are both welcome.

    I debated on whether I would post this or not… a blog post becomes a part of history, and who wants to go back to any negative times.

    But I decided that transparency and being real, and real customer service, is more important than sweeping this under the rug and hoping no one remembers.

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