JibberJobber vs. “Endlessly Confused”

I got a very nice note from a new user a couple of weeks ago, and she said we could share what she wrote:

You are amazing! Years of working locums leaves me endlessly confused. I have been bombarded with recruiter email/spam so often I had to create a separate junk mail account. I would forget who offered which job and the details. I have only been using your site for 2 weeks and I am loving it. Thank you so much. My recruiters thank you.
D. Gasque

I had to look up locums… it is a word I hadn’t heard before. But really, she had me at “you are amazing!” 🙂

We love feedback, and this kind of feedback puts a smile on our faces… thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts D.!  And you can tell your recruiters “you’re welcome!”