Venture Capitalists Are Like Job Seekers: Looking, Networking, Following-Up

And guess what they use to do all of that?

A relationship management tool. Not JibberJobber, because JibberJobber is not optimized for what they need to do (many people in the office accessing records, people “owning” a contact, or even one conversation, etc.).

And job seekers shouldn’t use a normal CRM because it is not optimized for a job seeker.  It’s probably 80 to 90% good enough, but there are things that job seekers need to do that CRM doesn’t address.  And most job seekers don’t need the sales pipeline stuff that is forefront of most CRM tools.

My point is, though, that if you want to WIN, and crush the competition (well, VCs want to do that, I’m not saying you want to CRUSH anyone), you need to be more serious and purposeful about your networking, tracking, follow-up, etc.

This article is a fun and exciting read: How Andreessen Horowitz Is Disrupting Silicon Valley

Check out this part, under the subtitle: It’s all about the ecosystem

What differentiates Andreessen Horowitz is something else, something very different than Kleiner, Sequoia, Benchmark, or Accel have done. Using customer relationship management software as a foundation, Andreessen Horowitz seems to be creating one of the largest, most networked, and powerful ecosystem platforms in the world. It is an astonishingly simple idea that yet is disrupting old power on Sand Hill Road and in Silicon Valley venture capital.

Manage relationships.  MANAGE RELATIONSHIPS!  It is an astonishingly simple idea, isn’t it?  Job seekers do it on the band-aid called Excel… which eventually gets ripped off and thrown away (and all of that great information is lost!).

I want to empower YOU to disrupt your job search by using this astonishingly simple idea, which is handed to you on a silver platter called JibberJobber.

Are you serious about your job search?

Are you serious about your career?

Then get serious about JibberJobber, which is the tool to use from now until the end of your career, to help you manage relationships.

Read the article for more inspiration… and get on a webinar to learn how to use JibberJobber better.  It is time!