Job Search Advice: Friend Version, Tip 5

I’m out of town this week (Liz will take care of you if you need help, just go to the Contact form)…. here’s a series of five things I’d tell a friend if he/she just started a job search.

Tip 5, Day 5: Internalize the idea that this is the new new: career management is where it is at.

I know being unemployed is the pits.  It’s not really any fun, and you just want to fix the problem (ie, get a job), and make this whole nightmare go away.  I get that.

I encourage you to think a little differently about it, though.

What if you knew that every 18 – 36 months you knew you were going to do something like this?  How would that make you think about your brand, and your relationships, and your continuing education?

What if you could prepare for your next transition, whether it was because you got bored and needed more of a challenge?  Or because your boss was unstable and there was no way you were staying, or because the company imploded like Enron?

Free yourself from depending on your job.  Perhaps you LOVE LOVE LOVE where you are at, and you couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.  That’s great!  Congratulations!  But free yourself from being dependent. Simply prepare for the next transition.  Do things now to make that next transition easier, faster, smoother.

Some people get this.  CxOs know they are in transition about every two years.  Changing jobs is just the way it is.  They prepare for it.  They nurture long-term relationships.  Their attitude is adjusted so they don’t need to have a pity part every two years when it happens.

That is the new reality for more than just CxOs.  I’ve been doing this stuff for more than eight years and I’ve seen a lot of people have to adjust to this new way.

It’s worse when you get older… start now, invest in your career, and the inevitable changes.  Embrace the challenge.  And when you are in your next role, and can settle in and be comfortable, don’t stop your career management.