Job Search Advice: Friend Version, Tip 4

I’m out of town this week (Liz will take care of you if you need help, just go to the Contact form)…. here’s a series of five things I’d tell a friend if he/she just started a job search.

Tip 4, Day 4: Learn what networking is, why to do it, and how to do it.

I was too good to network.  If you would just read my resume, you would know I was the right person to hire, and we really wouldn’t have to waste time with all that networking crap.


Networking is more important the higher up your job level is, and in certain industries.  Need to replace a minimum wage burger flipping job?  No worries, just go apply.  Need to replace a professional-level job?  That’s harder.  Get networking.

BUT, don’t do it the way most people do, at a superficial level.  Pick up Keith Ferrazzi’s books (Never Eat Alone, etc.) and become a student of his.  Learn to love the conversations, the relationships, and “giving.”  Learn how to have the right conversations, and achieve your purposes (establishing a relationship, reinforcing your brand, getting introductions, etc.).

Also, you must understand that the goal of networking is not just to meet a bunch of people – that is too vague.  Understand that as you meet people, they are likely not the people who will know of an opening for you, but they should be able to introduce you to someone, who can introduce you to someone, who can introduce you to someone, who might be able to hire you. The idea is that you are drilling down, getting closer and closer to the right person at the right company… but that only comes when people trust you, and you communicate the right things at the right time.

Obviously, as you do this you’ll need a CRM to keep track of all of these relationships, introductions, and conversations.  Sure, go ahead with Excel.  When that doesn’t work, get an account on JibberJobber 🙂