Never Going to be a Pathetic Job Seeker? On Food Stamps? Read This (and weep)

darlena_cunha_headshotStop what you are doing and read this fantastic story: This is what happened when I drove my Mercedes to pick up food stamps

This was written by Darlena Cunha (blog, twitter).

It’s her story.  It’s kind of my story (sans Mercedes, but with plenty of humility), and the story of many others.  It can very easily be your story.

It’s a story of humiliation, reliance, and resilience.  On her very own blog she writes (about this story):

The lesson is: believe in yourself. Do your thing. Eventually, someone will see you. Eventually, the story will be told. Keep walking. Never stop.

You are worth it.

Yes, you are definitely worth it. Even if you have to be on food stamps, or otherwise ask for help.

Keep walking, never stop, and please be kind and gentle with those in need.