Relationship Management for the Job Search (vs. Job Search Organizer)

What’s the difference between relationship management for a job seeker and a job search organizer?

You know JibberJobber is a job search organizer.

What I learned, early in my job search, is that the job search is about relationships.  Yes, you need to track where you apply, and who you talk to, and what’s going on in your target companies… but by the end of the day who you talked with is usually more important than where you applied.

So, in addition to being a job search organizer, JibberJobber is a relationship manager. In my Wednesday webinars I focus on relationships.

Relationship management means you are tracking contact information (phones, emails, addresses, etc.), information about the person (birthday, industry, where they work and what they do, etc.), and of utmost importance, where you are at in the relationship with them.

In JibberJobber you’ll track “where you are at in the relationship” with a few things:

Ranking: how strong is my relationship with this person

Log Entries: what communications did I have, when, etc.

Action Items: When do I need to follow-up

We have some really cool enhancements going through QA (quality assurance) that will make JibberJobber a better… I can’t wait to announce them and show you 🙂