Favorite Friday: Your LinkedIn Network is Useless if…

Another Favorite Friday from my LinkedIn blog.  This one is about the utility of your LinkedIn contacts.  Too often I’ve heard people say “LinkedIn doesn’t work for me.”

That’s like saying “the hammer in my shed doesn’t work for me.”  They don’t tell you that they bought it, put it in the shed, and never used it.

You have to do something with it.  The main line in this post is:

Your [My] LinkedIn network is USELESS if I… DON’T DO ANYTHING WITH IT!

Whether it is LinkedIn, JibberJobber, your business card… the question is: what are YOU doing with it?

1 thought on “Favorite Friday: Your LinkedIn Network is Useless if…”

  1. How do I use LinkedIn?
    1. Try to stay active in groups by posting items and participating in discussions. This increases my visibility.
    2. Find connections in target companies, and use them to network in and generate other connections.

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