Backup/Export/Download iPhone Contacts

my_contacts_backup_logoI’m sure there are a gazillion ways to get contacts off of your iPhone.  One of my users shared this tool:  My Contacts Backup

This exports to a vcard, or you can go into the settings and export to a csv.  A vcard will include images and custom fields, the csv apparently doesn’t.  You can also find easy and free vcard->csv converters online, although once again, this will not include images (that’s just the nature of csv – no rich media).

Other JibberJobber users are successfully syncing their iPhone contacts with their Google (Gmail) contacts, although I’ve read that this is nearly impossible for some, and super easy for others.  If you can sync your iPhone contacts with Gmail Contacts, then syncing that to Gmail is just a few clicks away.

One of the comments that seemed funny on the My Contacts Backup page was this: ” Last year during Sundance iCloud (aka iCrap) wiped the last 9 months of contacts and all of my notes.”  There’s always a nickname for everything, isn’t there?  I don’t expect to see that kind of nickname in the Apple userbase, though… !

Any other tricks or tips for getting contacts from your iPhone?