Organize Your Job Search with JibberJobber: User Testimonial (Gwen Alegre)

A while back I got an email from a career coach who I’ve never heard of (and would NEVER recommend) who furiously stated (seriously, he was furious) that any testimonials I had on the homepage of JibberJobber were falsified.  We went back and forth a couple of times and he even threatened to sue me if I posted his message.

A constructive and important message I got from his baseless and completely immature message to me was that I needed to do a better job of getting testimonials from users.  Around this same time I got an unsolicited testimonial from a user (who I happened to have a call with this week – yeah!).  Gwen Alegre said I could share this with you.  In the future I hope to get more of these, with pictures and LinkedIn profiles, to share with you.  It is my hope that my competition does not approach these people, but I can only hope.

In January Gwen Alegre (a change management and software UI expert) wrote:

gwen_alegre_headshot_JibberJobber_testimonialWow! I love JibberJobber.

I’ve been working with it for a week or two and it is flexible and robust. It does a fine job of managing my contacts, companies, and follow-up action items (and linking between these items).

There is simply no way I could keep it all straight without JibberJobber. For new users, you do need to spend a little time entering in your information (various uploads help too), but once you do, you’ll come to rely on it for your job search efforts daily.

I also paid for the premium version and the email to log feature is really terrific.

I can’t say enough about this app!

Thank you Gwen – this was a very nice message after dealing with that “other guy.”


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  1. I would highly recommend this website!!!

    I used Jibberjobber to help me track and organize my job search process, and can honestly say that it made this whole stressful process much, much easier. As i was traveling around on interviews it was critical to have instant access to my information via a mobile devise. This program was awesome, and I was glad to have found you. Thank you Team JJ.

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