Ask The Expert (ATE): Robert Merrill, Internal Recruiter, Sr. Tech Recruiter

This call was AWESOME. Off the charts. Seriously. There is so much good information in this call that it should be required to listen to.

I’m sure there are recruiters who do things differently. That’s one of the challenges that job seekers face: there is no single right or best answer for the situations we face (like, working with recruiters). Robert gives us a great look into the processes and systems that we need to know about. You can tell he has a heart for job seekers. Enjoy:

Note: This is hosted on Vimeo.  To make full-size, push play and then on the bottom right click the icon that looks like this:

7 thoughts on “Ask The Expert (ATE): Robert Merrill, Internal Recruiter, Sr. Tech Recruiter”

  1. Jason and Robert — I missed the live version, just listened to the recording…terrific insights — so refreshing to hear specific pointers instead of generalities. Jason — you always find the best resources!

  2. Christine, it’s my absolute pleasure. I didn’t realize how helpful some of this would be and I’m humbled by the chance to think anyone might be able to take this and better navigate their career because of it! THANK YOU

  3. Robert and Jason, the discussion on the ATS black hole was excellent. As a coach who works with clients who relentlessly apply via the front door, they will appreciate knowing how you go about prioritizing your hiring plan with the hiring manager. #1 is to identify everyone in the hiring manager’s and his/her team’s network who might be a fit for the opening. And the fact that you mention 30 – 40% of the jobs you fill are by referral. The numbers tell it all. So the message is, get off your keyboard and get out there and network. Thanks for the discussion.

  4. Thanks for bringing up some of the highlights Debbie… and thanks for taking the time to listen to the recording. Lots of great info on this call!

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