Social Networking vs. UnSocial Networking

Many years ago, when I was setting up the categories for this blog, I created a category called “UNsocial Networking.”  I’m sure I giggled when I put it into the list of categories, because really, how can you network in an unsocial way?  Networking IS social!

But the term “social networking” has been hijacked by websites that facilitate networking online.  For example, when someone says social networking they are clearly talking about Facebook or LinkedIn or something like that.

If someone simply says “networking” they are talking about something that scares the pants off of most people, right?  We’re still quite intimidated by the concept of networking, especially if we think of it as a certain thing that we need to do to make sales, find a job, etc.

I would like to define unsocial networking (surely a phrase that will not catch on outside of this blog) as the natural, unscary part of networking.

Developing real relationships.  Having real conversations.  Emailing people.  Following-up with people.

I’m not talking about the used-car-salesman schmoozing.  I’m referring to the simple human interactions that we already do.  I’m not even necessarily talking about a purposeful, strategic and planned networking activity, tactic or strategy. I’m talking about simply talking to someone.

Unsocial networking isn’t scary (unless you have social anxiety, and even then, one-on-ones can be comfortable and not scary).  It is what we as humans do.

Check out the UNsocial Networking category for posts related to regular, natural networking 🙂

And now, step away from the computer and go do some unsocial networking!