Successful Kickstarter Campaign

I have been asked a lot about Kickstarter.  Bottom line:  I love it.  It is an awesome way to get your “thing” (company, product, etc.) funded.

Check out this really cool Kickstarter campaign I learned about on a LinkedIn group I’m on: Lono Sprinkler Controller. They had an idea (allow you to control your yard sprinklers with an iPhone app) and asked for $75k to get it up and running.  As of right now they are almost at $90k.  Clearly, people want this.

I love the humorous video at the top of the page.  The details of the product/solution/benefits and the technicalities of the product and project are listed below the video.

On the right side you can see that donate as little as $15, or as much as $899 (or $5k), and what you get for those levels.

This is a brilliant way to fund a project.  No longer do you need to go to Angel Investors or VCs (which is overkill for most people/startups).  If you have an idea, dig into Kickstarter and see what others are doing, how they are doing it, who is successful, etc.  Very cool stuff 🙂




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