Lindsay Blackwell’s amazing social media strategy: Dear Lisa Rudgers

Lindsay_Blackwell_dear_lisa_ridgersI found this really cool story from Eric T. Tung’s blog: The Best Social Media Job Application EVER: How 22 Year-Old Lindsay Blackwell Applied for a $110K Job

WOW.  In a group of university career center professionals they wondered if what Lindsay did was overkill.

What an interesting question.  In a world where the job search can go on for years, where companies continue to lay off all over the place, what is overkill?  Maybe calling a hiring manager too often, to many times is overkill.  But putting together an awesome campaign that would make Dave Perry (Mr Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters) proud… that is not overkill.

Spoiler: she did not get the job she wanted at the university.  In fact, after her first interview she didn’t hear back about a second interview.  Crickets.  That is pretty lame, but not uncommon.

So then what happened?  Someone else heard about her (of course – this was all over the news and she’s become a bit of a celebrity) and hired her.  Smart guy and lucky company.  If this girl continues this level of initiative and creativity, and can grow and reinforce her brand, she could be a huge name.

Read Eric’s interview here.

Go to the Dear Lisa Rudgers site here, and go through each of the tabs.  Watch the videos.  It is awesome. Well done Lindsay!