Crisis = Opportunity? Creating revenue from the Obamacare/Obamatax changes

This post is about finding opportunities to create revenue streams. I go into this more, with other examples, and tips from entrepreneurs, in my book: 51 Alternatives to a Real Job (now on the Kindle).

Assuming ObamaCare is really going to happen, and no amount of whining and limb-chirping is going to change anything, what does that mean for YOU?

As a country we’ve already seen employers make changes to employees, whether that is letting them go or just cutting back their hours, or dropping health care from spouses. Read this article and the comments for more: UPS to drop 15,000 spouses from insurance, cites Obamacare

The job market should get a lot more complex as people are getting dumped into it, or they need just a few more hours (less than 30 thank-you-very-much) to make ends meet.  People are going to be confused and the government will be overtaxed trying to explain and educate, and sign people up, as well as chase down the bad guys they can charge the penalty to…

It sounds like one big hairy mess.

If there is one big hairy mess, there is an opportunity to HELP.  Politicians might not have read the bill (ha!  I said “might not have”… I should have written definitely haven’t), but what if you read it, study it, become expert in it, and find ways to consult to companies to help them?  I am guessing a lot of people who are helping companies right now are doing it based on an incomplete understanding of the meanings and consequences of the bill… which means rash decisions are being made. Rash could mean wrong solutions.

Obamacare should create more jobs in the government to administer the bill.  I’m guessing this will be a big growth area for jobs.  We’ll need more IRS cops to break down doors and put people in obamacare prison for not paying the tax (or whatever they’ll do to the offenders).

But will there be opportunity for YOU to create a business?

I don’t think this type of business will be small.  If you could figure this out and help companies navigate implementation, I think we’re talking about millions, maybe billions of dollars.

If you could help employees and families who have been cut from insurance, had their healthcare increase to a point where it is unbearable, or lose 10 or 20 hours and HAVE TO pick up more work, there could be a revenue stream there.

I don’t know how it will play out but it looks like a crisis is brewing, and if there is a crisis, there is opportunity.

What could that opportunity be?