Great news: Only 37,701 layoffs last month (July 2013)

A research firm announced layoffs fell almost 5% from June.  In total, between June and July, there were almost 80,000 layoffs.  Read the numbers here.

I can appreciate that economists like this dip from June to July.  Especially government economists.

But here is the reality… I’m guessing every layoff probably severely affects about six people:

1. The person who is laid off,

2. The person’s spouse (assumption: 1 spouse)

3. The person’s kids (assumption: 2 kids)

4. The person’s parents (assumption: 2 parents)

(speaking to my assumptions – not everyone will have a spouse, but an ex that doesn’t get alimony or child support because there is no income is also affected. Some people don’t have any kids, others have a lot more than 2, and some people have only one living parent while others have 2 parents and 2 step parents… so I’m guessing for every one person laid off there is an average of 6 others who are closely affected)

So the number is really not 80,000 people affected… more like 480,000 people.

Is that great news?

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2 thoughts on “Great news: Only 37,701 layoffs last month (July 2013)”

  1. Finally some truth behind the illusion of a drop in layoff numbers being a “good thing.” Sure less layoffs is better than more layoffs but they are still layoffs. When put in context, one layoff is a BIG deal. Like you said, it affects more than just the person who is laid off. Thanks for speaking the hard truth. Ill share JibberJobber with those in need.

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