The right clothes for work

This post was written by Sarah Turner, single mother of two with over 5 years of experience in professional careers advice.

In any working environment, it helps to have the right clothes. For employees, this keeps them safe and offers a certain level of appearance. For employers, it helps create a sense of professionalism, teamwork and unity across the company.

The same can also be applied if you’re looking for work. Sometimes you may want to provide your own as a sign of commitment whilst at other times you may simply want to show your readiness to wear the required clothing. Likewise, if you’re an independent worker, the right appearance and clothing is highly important and all up to you.


First and foremost, there are a variety of jobs and industries where clothing needs to be practical. A painter, for instance, may need to wear snickers work trousers when working. These clothes offer a vast number of pockets, material that doesn’t mind getting dirty and thick cloth to help when leaning down or reaching up high. It helps make the job easier to complete, making it an important tool.

Practical clothes demonstrate a strong work ethic that many employers will find attractive. It suggests people aren’t afraid to get stuck in and do the required task. It can also suggest that due caution and understanding of the work and materials involved has been carried out and that safety is a priority for this individual – another positive characteristic.


When dealing with practical trades that use hands-on skills, appearance takes on a less corporate image but still needs to be professional. This clothes are almost universally recognised as being connected with these industries and that presents a professional image to outsiders such as prospective customers and even investors or business partners.

From a business perspective, this makes for a very professional appearance relative to the industry in question. Customers expect certain things from certain people by default. An office, for instance, expects suits or formal wear whilst industrial trades suggest something different.

This is where snickers trousers, overalls and other clothes come in. They are to their industry what a suit or formal dress is to the office environment. It’s the little details that connote the bigger message to any customer and this is even more important for those who work in the public sphere as their appearance can act as a form of promotion to existing and prospective clients.