What to do when your job search simply sucks

Here’s another older post I found because a spammer tried to comment on it: The Job Search Sucks.

It’s true, isn’t it?

No one wakes up and says: “You know, I’m up for a new challenge. I want to do a job search. This should be a good challenge because the economy sucks… we’ll see how this goes!”

Maybe some people do … people who are in a horrible corporate situation.

But when you are a job seeker, and discouraged, and tired of spinning your wheels and feeling like nothing is working, sometimes you need to step back and take a little break.

In the blog post from 2009 I shared some ideas (read the post to get the entire gist of it):

  • step away and regroup
  • focus on relationships
  • fix something at your house (sometimes having a project complete, or accomplishing something, is a nice break from the mundane job search)
  • plant flowers
  • go back to school (I think this needs serious thought, because it means major changes to schedule, finances, etc.)
  • change industries
  • QUIT the job search. Sound silly?  I did it.  And that is what 51 Alternatives to a Real Job is all about.

Check out the post for more, as well as insightful comments from others 🙂