175 Interview Questions to Ask at a Job Interview (JobMob)

Jacob Share and interview questions to ask My friend Jacob Share posted this: 175 Helpful Questions To Ask At A Job Interview

Of course, you aren’t going to have time to ask 175 questions.  If I interviewed you and you asked me even 17 questions (at the end) I might be annoyed.

I would suggest you print this out and go through it with a highlighter, picking out your favorite questions.  Or, questions based on various things like: company size, promotion potential, industry, job title, etc.

Interview Questions to Ask

Questions 1-71 are about the job itself

Questions 72-111 are about the company

Questions 112-131 are about the boss

Questions 132-162 are about the team

Questions 163-175 are about feedback and next steps

If you have smart interview questions to ask in an interview, that show me you’ve done your homework or are knowledgeable or passionate about this company, industry or the role, you will be heads and shoulders above many other interviewees!

This is a great resource for those who are going to interviews – thanks Jacob!

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  1. Now THAT is a big picture of what looks like my younger, less tired brother 🙂

    Pick 5-10 content questions to have handy – don’t need to ask them all – and at least 1-2 followup questions (all the way at the bottom).

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