Awesome LinkedIn Summary: Pete Danielsen (TV Executive)

Robyn Feldberg is a friend and resume professional in Dallas.  She emailed me a while back sharing an idea she came up with to enhance Pete Danielsen’s LinkedIn Profile Summary… I LOVED her idea!  Pete and Robyn gave me permission to share the idea here.

The Summary is simple but executed well.  Let me reiterate that: you can duplicate the idea, but you might miss the mark.  Notice what they have done reinforces Pete’s brand very well.

Robyn and Pete came up with a list of “Top 10 Random Things About” Pete:



Click here to see Pete’s full list.

Again, this is not a complex idea.  Lists are common.  But this is the best executed list I’ve seen, with a strong emphasis on helping you reinforce his brand. I bet people will fully read through this more than they might fully read through regular narrative (which can be done very well but usually is not).

Great job Robyn and Pete!

6 thoughts on “Awesome LinkedIn Summary: Pete Danielsen (TV Executive)”

  1. The summary is great, but the thing that stands out about his profile is the lack of connections. Obviously he’s just getting started with LI and someone else is handling the maintenance of his profile, but 40 connections seems very very low.

  2. There’s no summary viewable at the link you provided. It only shows his endorsements and his other skills and that he’s following 2 subjects.

    It looks like he doesn’t have the summary made public.

  3. @Rick, interesting comment. I agree that if I were to happen upon his profile that would jump out at me, but reading through the Summary and accomplishments that would quickly not be an issue. Also, I’ve found that sometimes execs don’t hang their network out for everyone to see, rather they do have their contacts more guarded. But you are right, it does look like he just got started. I find a lot of people don’t know or care about LinkedIn until they are in a job search… gotta start somewhere.

    @Name (I can’t email you to follow-up because you gave a fake email address), I emailed Robyn and she replied back that the Summary is now public. Thank you 🙂

  4. Pete’s summary is well-organized and easy to read which is a huge plus.

    The summary can be a virtual resume. That might be better than Pete’s cute story — which might be better saved as an ice-breaker at the interview.

    The Summary should also contain your name and contact information (at least an email address). It should also have a line that can be copied and pasted into Google to pull up your profile there.

    At least that used to be useful when Linkedin would show you the Summary of people who were 3rd degrees but nothing else. Now that they don’t show you anything but the name I suppose it’s not absolutely necessary.

  5. Interesting he starts with the summary — and not the meat behind it. If he’s an exec, why use LinkedIn to find a job/promote himself? Nevertheless I can’t see anything as he’s a third degree to me and LI won’t show me anything without upgrading.

    Anyhow, I do appreciate summaries broken up into lists — whether bullets, numbers, characters, etc. I’m using arrows on mine.

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