51 Alternatives to a Real Job shipped on Friday!

I got a surprise message from my printer on Friday morning that the books were ready to pickup… so I spent ALL of Friday getting them (my daughter took pictures, which I should have posted soon), packing the pre-orders, and then going to the post office to ship them.  Shipping is… expensive!  I even ran out of envelopes to put them in (cool because that hasn’t happened to me before, uncool because some of you got VERY EXPENSIVE envelopes – I chose to foot the bill for those instead of making you wait until I got my new envelopes).

Anyway, if you pre-ordered, look for it in the mail soon.

If you haven’t pre-ordered, get yours here: www.51Alternatives.com

Yes, Kindle version is coming soon.

3 thoughts on “51 Alternatives to a Real Job shipped on Friday!”

  1. Well, that was FAST! Mine just arrived…. I’ll be poolside reading it when our California triple digit temps cool. Love the cover!

  2. Jason,

    I got one of the expensive envelopes. It was worth the money. I was impressed that you had to apply the stamps by hand. It seemed more personalized. I’ll remember that when I start the marketing push for my new Head Lice Removal Business!

  3. @Mike – honestly, I was surprised. Normally when I go to the post office they have one stamp with the exact amount, OR they print them off… I didn’t expect to put 6 stamps on each envelope. But I’m glad it had a personalized affect 🙂

    Come to find out, the postal employee didn’t give me the best rate so I paid about 40 cents more per envelope (in stamps) than I should have. That bugged me… oh well. I find that if I work with 10 different post office people, I get 10 different answers. And no one is willing to budge, be wrong, or listen to me and what I’ve learned shipping stuff for over 5 years as a consumer.

    Lots of customer service lessons to be learned here. And, maybe someone can make money training the USPO on customer service :p (another Alternative?)

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