Congratulations, You Are Out of Work (Margaret Meloni): Free Downloads

I had a great call with Margaret Meloni a number of weeks ago.  She does “soft skills” training with professionals and organizations.  As we were talking told me she has a Congratulations You’re Out of Work program.

You can get her free audio and ebook here (scroll down to the bottom).  Oh wait, there is a signup form there.  She said if you don’t want to be on her list, you can download the goodies from this hidden page.  THANK YOU Margaret!  (everyone, send Margaret a thank you, and refer her stuff to project managers!)

I liked what I heard from Margaret because:

  • Some people are out of work because they need to work on their soft skills, 
  • Some people haven’t “needed” to but they have time to work on them now,
  • Some people are having zero success in their job search because of their soft skills.

From her products page you can see she lives in the business world, helping people communicate better.  She has a soft spot for professionals in transition.

Check it out!