Career Management 3.0 and 51 Alternatives to a Real Job

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This week I should finish editing the 51 Alternatives to a Real Job book, which include stories and tips from people doing them. It has been an overwhelming project to talk to people who are living their dream and making money outside of the cubicle world.

Is this interesting to you? I hope to get a page up to prepurchase in the next month or two. I also hope to ship the books this summer. I’m anxious to be done and get this inspiration out to people who are so frustrated in the job search.

Some of you know I call JibberJobber “Career Management 2.0” Let me share why, and how that relates to the book.

Career Management 1.0 is the old, traditional stuff we used to do, where we could count on companies to have some loyalty.

Career Management 2.0 is where we are now, where we have taken a lot more responsibility for our careers. Networking and personal branding have A LOT to do with that.

Career Management 3.0 is where we really introduce multiple revenue streams to our portfolio, and a “job” is just one of them. It might be the largest, but it doesn’t have to be the most important. I predict this is where we are headed.

51 Alternatives to a real job is all about Career Management 3.0. If you want to naively trust your company to provide your income through retirement, go for it. If you want to be more empowered, and less submissive to forces outside of your control, then implement Career Management 3.0!

Sound interesting? Let me know.

Finally, Dick Bolles has been the name in Career Management and job search for decades. He wrote What Color Is Your Parachute, and refuses to let his publisher edit it. He does the writing and editing. I’m going to interview him on Tuesday morning and you are invited to come. If you have any questions you want me to ask, let me know. Otherwise, come and hear from a legend in this field. No charge.

Have a great week!

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  1. As a person actively pursuing and participating in “Career Management 3.0” I can’t wait to read your upcoming book, and to recommend it to others too. Thanks for putting this together.

  2. Hope its ok to make 2 comments. I’ve been reading the dozens of comments and wanted to share my observation.

    I think the most accurate comments are the intuitive ones that came immediately after the initial reaction.

    I believe marketers will tell us that’s how most shoppers buy: intuitively.

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