How Do I Organize My Job Search?

JibberJobber is an online job search organizer.

WHY organize your job search?

  • So you don’t miss follow-up opportunities.
  • So when the recruiter calls you, you can speak intelligently about the job you applied to 3 weeks ago.
  • So you can see the progress you are making.
  • So you don’t lose track of contacts and companies that you initiated a relationship with a few months ago.
  • Because this is a very complex process, with lots of data points.
  • Because you are collecting awesome and powerful data that will help you in your job search, in your next job, and in future job searches.

HOW do you organize your job search?

The simple answer is get on JibberJobber, and sign up for the live weekly user training.

JibberJobber replaces the job search spreadsheet.  A spreadsheet simply can’t handle the complexity that you create in your job search activities.

JibberJobber complements your email system.  Especially with the awesome email2log feature.  Outlook alone will not manage the complexity that you need to manage.

JibberJobber helps you track the five most important things in your job search that you need to track:

  1. Contacts: who you meet, who you want to meet.
  2. Target Companies: companies you are and want to network into.
  3. Jobs you apply to: whether you apply online or have found them in the hidden job market.
  4. Conversations and important notes: about interactions with any of those (we call these Log Entries).
  5. Action Items: to follow-up on any of those.

Want more “how?”  Sign up for the next JibberJobber webinar here.