Do you use your testimonials or recommendations well?

I did a webinar today on using LinkedIn proactively.  I think it went well.  I asked people if they liked the webinar to please let me know so I could share it with others.  I know I’ve not done much with these in the past but I’m turning over a new leaf.

I hope you consider using your recommendations and testimonials better.  It’s awesome to have other people say you have great stuff, or that you are competent, rather than you try to brag about yourself.

Here are some testimonials from today’s webinar.  The lesson?  Ask for them, AND share them with others!

“Jason always over-delivers on what he promises, and his new LinkedIn Strategy webinar was no exception. Keeping up with all LinkedIn’s changes and what they mean for me and my clients is a huge challenge, but Jason took the hardest part of the work off my shoulders and did it with clarity and humor. It’s hard to beat that!”

Georgia Adamson: Career Coach and Resume expert

“I’ve been to dozens of social media and LinkedIn webinars and teleseminars – nobody does these better than Jason Alba. I learn something new every time!”

Donald Burns: Resume Writer and Executive Career Coach