LinkedIn Proactive Strategies Webinar: Tomorrow

Tomorrow I’m doing a webinar you can join to learn how to be more proactive on LinkedIn.

That kind of sounds like work, huh?

I continue to hear people say “I don’t get any value out of LinkedIn.”

I’m convinced you can get value out of LinkedIn, if you put some strategic effort into it.

Tomorrow at 9am Mountain Time I’ll share how to do that.

Of course we’re going to talk about the three foundational things: share your brand, grow your network, nurture individual relationships.

We’re going to go deeper in each of those areas and talk about tactics.  As I’m preparing my notes I am getting excited because the stuff we’ll go over are things that I’ve done to grow my business.

These things work.  I’ve tried them.  Not just this week but over the years.

I don’t think I would be in business if I had just put up a website or a profile and waited for things to happen.

I needed a strategy with tactics to get in front of people.

I needed to help people talk about (aka, evangelize) me and my company.

I needed to figure out how to nurture relationships and follow-up as my network grew, so I didn’t leave easy opportunities on the table.

I needed to go to people instead of twiddling my thumbs hoping they would come to me.  Because I’ve learned that even if they want to come to me, they are too busy or distracted.

That’s what we are going to talk about in this webinar.

If I would have known this stuff in my job search I’m sure I would have gotten job interviews and offers.  But I was too busy applying on job boards.  You know, because it felt right.

But it wasn’t right.

Tomorrow.  9am MST.  Details here.

NOTE: This webinar will be available as a recording later, just like the New LinkedIn Profile webinar is available.  But if you get it by the end of the day tomorrow you’ll get sweet bonuses 🙂