Reed Hastings (Netflix) on Company Culture

When I was in the MBA program “culture” was the big buzzword.  Companies that create a strong positive culture are companies where people want to work, and give 1,000%.

Companies with a weak culture have high turnover.

My wife and I were talking about “family culture” a few weeks ago.  Applying “culture” to something like family, neighborhood, etc. is kind of hard if you haven’t been indoctrinated with the concept of culture.

I want to share an amazing 126 slide presentation from Reed.  I know it’s long but this is an amazing slide on culture.  Consider this a “sharpening your saw” exercise, take the time to go through this.  Best presentation on culture that I’ve ever seen. It almost makes me want to go work at Netflix right now.

2 thoughts on “Reed Hastings (Netflix) on Company Culture”

  1. This is quite an intriguing presentation. It communicates the corporation’s perspective in a very honest, thorough, and understanding way. I wish every company would have something so similarly transparent under the careers section of their website.

  2. The other part of that, though, is that Netflix has created this intentionally. It takes tons of work to do what Reed has done… I’m guessing it didn’t start on the powerpoint but in real life application.

    Most companies that I’m familiar with couldn’t touch their culture with a 10 foot pole. (what a weird saying)

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